UCCSMS is Innovative in Medical Training

The Chairman of the Ghana Medical and Dental Council (MDC), Professor Paul K. Nyame, has noted that the University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences (UCCSMS), has proven to be progressive in innovation, curricula and the provision of facilities for teaching and research.

Prof. Nyame said the School has attracted into its leadership, some of the brightest in medical academia in Ghana. “Those of us who now have to regulate the training for the profession, and its subsequent practice, have relied very frequently on the human resource of this School,” he indicated.

The Chairman of MDC made these comments during the Ninth UCCSMS White Coat Ceremony for level 400 medical students who have completed the pre-clinical stage of their training. The students comprising 37 females and 33 males were initiated into the clinical stage of their training.

Significance of White Coat Oath

Prof. Nyame reminded the students that the White Coat Ceremony Oath sets the medical profession apart as an old, respectable, noble and learned profession. “It must be seen as the beginning of bonding with colleagues, seniors, and teachers in the profession and not be seen as a pretext at setting the profession apart from society and the community” he advised.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Medical Doctor

Prof. Nyame asked them to be aware of the duties and responsibilities of the doctors and what the expectations of the society as they take the first step into the medical profession. “Your duty when licensed, will be to serve humanity, caring for the sick so learn from now, that the license to practice will be a privilege, not a license to play the boss,” he implored.

Prof. Nyame called on them to inculcate the values of integrity, humility, compassion, confidentiality, fairness as they learn towards becoming competent medical professionals.  “You must learn early to treat information on patients as privileged and confidential. Do not discriminate-based on gender, race, religion or political affiliation” he urged them. He further reminded them that, “You are about to receive your boarding passes into the medical profession as apprentices; respect the opportunity, it is a privilege to serve”.

UCC Medical Doctors are Unique in the Country

The Chairman of UCC Governing Council, Mrs. Nancy O. C. Thompson, who chaired the function said she was elated by the positive comments about UCC trained medical doctors. “UCC doctors are unique because of the special training they go through in the hands of competent lecturers,” she noted. 

Mrs. Thompson entreated the medical students to do their best to make UCC and the country proud as they go through the clinical training. She noted that “What you will acquire is for the good of the country so you have to give your best.”

Mrs. Thompson commended the School for giving more women the opportunity to enrol on the programme. She encouraged faculty to keep up the good work adding “As teachers our greatest reward is to see our students excel”

In a speech read by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. George K. T. Oduro, of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Ghartey Ampiah, said the students were gradually getting closer to their dreams of becoming medical doctors. He advised them to be guided by the Hippocratic Oath to live a life of uprightness and honour.

Significance of White Coat Ceremony in UCCSMS

On her part, the Dean of UCCSMS, Prof. Ivy Ekem, said UCC adopted the White Coat ceremony since the inception of the School in 1998. She said the ceremony was to serve as rites of passage to symbolise that the medical students have received foundations in medical education and were prepared both physically and mentally to continue at the next level which is the clinical stage.

Prof. Ekem congratulated the students for crossing the first hurdle of their medical training and also thanked faculty members for the impact they have made in the students.

The Registrar of MDC, Dr. Eli Atikpui, administered the UCCSMS Medical Students Oath on the students.