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Community Medicine






The department of community medicine is a department that deals with the training of undergraduate medical students in public and community health studies and research with emphasis on preventive, promotive, curative and regerative health and health system communition and management. The department contributes immensely in the training of the undergraduate medical students in the School of Medical Sciences by hosting the Community Medicine I and II modules/Clerkships (MED 412 and 518) and supports also in the teaching of other modules such as the Introduction to Medical Studies, Biostatistics and Survey Methodology, Integument I and Aging and Impairment and Disability I (MED 201, 213, 202 and 306).

The department has for the past years also contributed to the training of medical students through the school’s flagship programme COBES (Community Based Experience and Service) which helps in providing a practical and experiential orientation to the social, cultural and environmental determinants of health and development. The department is also involved in various research projects spanning the areas of nutrition, reproductive health, epidemiology and biostatistics, health governance, and research ethics. The department can boost of faculty with great experierenes having consulted locally and regionally over the years in many fields of work and public health practice.