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Department of Surgery




The Department of Surgery strives to build a University Department that is excellent in teaching, training and research and whose service to the community is informed by best practice.The departmental objectives are to harness a departmental team that constantly strives for excellence in all its functions of teaching, research, training, and service; to inspire and infuse students and trainees with academic excellence, discipline, integrity, and good work ethic and to provide the community with an open, honest, evidence based service.Current programmes running include the undergraduate training to the MBChB degree and a Residency Training towards membership of the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons (started September 2015) and fellowship of GCPS (started January 2016).

In line with the School’s research agenda as well as the overall strategic plan for the University and the vision and mission of the department outlined above, the Department has developed an ongoing research agenda. This research is being done with national or international collaboration.

The thematic areas covered include Nutrition and Lifestyle (Body Image and Health), Communicable Diseases (typhoid, hepatitis, HIV), and Non-communicable Diseases (Diabetic Foot, Hernia and Trauma). There were 6 (six) publications by faculty in the last academic year.We are grateful for research collaborations with Prof. R Duda and the Harvard University team, USA on Body Image and Health, Dr L Banka-Johnson of Malmo University, Sweden on surgical management of typhoid disease, Dr Quist-Adade of Kwanthlen University, Vancouver, Canada on the diabetic foot project and Prof .A Kingsnorth, Southampton University, UK on hernias.