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The Physiology Department continues to play a key role in the teaching of the basic science modules (Cycle I) in the School of Medical Science’s MB ChB programme.

Faculty in the Department are committed to equipping students with a firm scientific foundation essential for understanding of clinical medicine during Cycle II. Relevant principles and concepts are taught using a combination of theoretical presentations and tutorials in an environment that emphasizes student-centered learning. Because physiology is an experimental science, recent research developments in the discipline are highlighted to help students appreciate the dynamic nature of science.

Learning activity in physiology is supported by appropriate technology, and by laboratory investigations designed to provide students with opportunities to collect and analyze data, thus enhancing their understanding of theoretical principles. A well- equipped, state-of-the art laboratory provides the necessary facilities for these hands-on laboratory experiences.

To enhance professional development of its faculty, the Departments encourages research and scholarly collaborations with local and international scientist. Four (4) recent publications have resulted from these efforts.