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The Department of Pharmacology has teaching inputs in both basic sciences and clinical modules and as such, it is one of the busiest departments in the School of Medical Sciences. Since drugs from the cornerstone of therapy in the management of human disease, the department plays crucial roles in the medical training process.

The Department is made up of a dynamic group of faculty from diverse backgrounds who engage in collaborative research in line with the School of Medical Sciences’ research agenda and also ensure that students have the best of training in every aspect of pharmacology. The department is also available to provide advisory and consultancy to clients and research persons. The current research objectives of the department include elucidation of cellular/molecular mechanisms of iatrogenic/drug-induced organ system dysfunction and injury; identification of important biochemical targets for chemoprevention and treatment; modulation of drug toxicity with plant-derived and other naturally occurring antioxidative agents; and screening of medicinal plants for biological activity and characterization of plant-derived bioactive constituents.

We are currently working on building a strong research capacity to ensure research activities within the department attracts funding from industry and government and to establish strong links with the pharmaceutical industry and other relevant agencies via collaborative research programs. Plans are also underway to commence postgraduate programmes (MPhil and PhD) and sandwich certificate/diploma courses in Pharmacology.